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Programming Electronic Music in Pd

By Johannes Kreidler.

An amazing resource for Pd programming, with downloadable examples.



Pd was initiated by American software engineer Miller Puckette, who previous co-developed the well known and similarly structured software Max/Msp. Pd is not commercial software; i.e., it was not developed by a corporation and is not for sale. Instead, it is “open source”: its source code is not the (patented) property of a corporation, but is rather freely available to all. One drawback to this is that a detailed operating manual for users who lack programming experience has not existed until now. In contrast to a corporation— which has a monetary interest in ensuring that first-time users can easily operate new software—the open source movement lacks such a driving force to make itself accessible. This book is an attempt to fill that gap.

This tutorial is designed for self-study, principally for composers. It begins with explanations of basic programming and acoustic principles then gradually builds up to the most advanced electronic music processing techniques. The book’s teaching approach is focused primarily on hearing, which we consider a faster and more enjoyable way to absorb new concepts than through abstract formulas.

The patches described are available for download.


Ever shifting media

This morning I think about singing. And Assyrian stone reliefs.

As we hang on to the crest of evolution, media grows less permanent. Last month’s Twitter mashups are broken. The 1980’s Atrari synthesizer project gathers dust in a closet. 20th century wax cylinders locked inside museums.

Things to do. Memorize a song. Teach one to a child. This year, carve something in stone. Bury it next to a stream.


Piping IQ data from rtl_sdr to wav file


  1. A program called pipeiq.c
  2. A streaming method called borip

It could solve the issue of getting IQ samples into Max – until I can write a Max external which reads the device directly.


I have saved the pipeiq.c local file to: tkzic/radio-sdr-experiments

Here are links to information about borIP – a program that streams radio IQ data over UDP to a simulated USB port – at least i think thats what it does.


There are also instructions here for installing GR (gnu radio) on mac os