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Writes unique, royalty-free “music” at the touch of a button.


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Induces paranoia and rage.


Build Markov in chains in real-time with Max

By Richard Dudas


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Using the text processing example I built a 4th order Markov chain for “The Cat in The Hat” (by Dr. Seuss). Here is some of the result (it continues to infinity) with indentation added for readability:

The sat the sun is not shine.
It was to Sit! Sit!
And I sat in the house
All that?

How I wish We had something went BUMP! How I wish We did not shine.
It was to us jump! We looked!
The Cat in that cold to go out And wet to play.
So all we sat in the Hat! And he saw him!

Then we sat is wet to Sit! Sit!
And to go out
And the house
All that?

Why do was too wet And there little bit. And wet to go out
And there we saw him step in on that?
How I wish We sat is nothing at all.
So all we could do was too wet day.

So all we sat the house 
All that is fun there we can have Lots of good fun the mat!
We had something at all.
So wet to go out And the sun is wet to Sit! Sit!

And I said too wet to do I know it is not sunny!
Too we can have Lots of good funny!
Too wet And I sat is fun the house. We sat the house. We saw him!
The Cat is wet to us.

The help file patch allows real time Midi improvisation with a step sequencer style of playback:

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Algorithmic composition using first order Markov chains

“With similar automation for velocity, duration and delta time.”

By Fuji Kureta

Based on @algorithmiccomposer’s tutorial at http://algorithmiccomposer.com/2010/0…

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5dsgqcgk8m…

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Download classical piano Midi files from here (use Midi format 0): http://www.piano-midi.de/debuss.htm

Simple probability engine in Max

Uses the itable and random objects to set event probability from 0-100 percent.

Based on a drum machine step sequencer by Yiannis Ionnides. http://reactivemusic.net/?p=18905

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folder: probability

patch: probability-thing


Probability based drum machine

Step sequencer in Max with probability based decisions for each instrument.

By Iannis Ionnides http://www.yiannisioannides.com

Download drum machine app: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zkks7kqk9n9psyn/Probability+Audio+Drum+Machine.zip

The Max patch is not available. Here is a link to a patch that shows how the probability engine probably works: http://reactivemusic.net/?p=18909

Simple number sorting in Max

By LeafcutterJohn

Download patch: http://leafcutterjohn.com/?p=1914

(local file in max teaching examples/simple-number-sorting.maxpat)

Elevator music generator

By Stefan Brunner at Cycling 74



“A software program by artist Harold Cohen that creates original artistic images.”


Here are examples created by the 2001 Windows Screensaver version, formerly distributed by Kurzweil http://franz.com/success/customer_apps/artificial_intelligence/cohen.lhtml

By the artist: http://web.stanford.edu/group/SHR/4-2/text/cohen.html

Gibberish generator

Letter based Markov text generator.

By Keith Enevoldsen at Think Zone


Buzzfeed title generator

Generative headline machine.

By ravi at ravi.io