Internet sensors projects


A series of projects that use Internet API’s for interactive media projects.

Projects have been tested on Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). All but one of the projects use Max/MSP 6.1.7 from: The other project uses Pure Data 0.42.5 (extended) from: Other required programs are listed in the documentation for individual projects.


internet-sensors is on Github at:

Each project is in a separate folder.


Some projects require passwords and API-keys from providers.

For example, for the ‘Twitter streaming API in Max’ project you’ll need to set up a Twitter application from your account to get authorization credentials.

For projects that need authorization usually you’ll just need to modify the patches/source code with your user information – as directed in the instructions.


The API’s used in the projects change fairly often. So there’s no guarantee they’ll work. If you find problems or have ideas – please post to them to the github repository. Or email me at


1. Twitter streaming API in Max (FM, php, curl, geocoding, [aka.speech], Soundflower (optional), Morse code, OSC, data recorder, Twitter v1.1 API, Twitter Apps, Oauth)

2. Sending tweets from Max using curl ([sprintf], [], API, API, JSON, javascript Twitter v1.1 API, Oauth)


3. Send and receive tweets in Max using ruby (ruby, API, JSON, javascript Twitter v1.1 API, OSC, Oauth)

New! – use the project above to send tweets from using a Fisher Price “Little Tikes” piano:

4. Speech to text in Max (Google speech API, JSON, javascript, sox, Twitter v1.1 API, Oauth)

Note: Send Tweets using speech as well.

5. A conversation with a robot in Max (Google speech API, sox, JSON,  pandorabots API, python, [aka.speech]

7. Playing bird calls in Max (xeno-canto API, [jit.uldl], [])

8. Soundcloud API in Max (JSON, javascript, curl, [], [])

9. Real time train map using Max and node.js (XML, JSON, OSC, data recorder, web sockets, Irish Rail API)

10. stock market music in Max (OSC, netcat,  php, mysql, html, javascript, Yahoo API, linux)

11. Using weather forecast data to drive weather sounds in Pure Data (ruby, OSC, JSON, openweathermap API, “Designing Sound” by Andy Farnell)

12. Using ping times to control oscilators in Max (Mashape ping-uin API, ruby, OSC, JSON)

13. Echonest Segment analysis player – sonification of audio analysis data from The Echo Nest (echonest API, ruby, Osc, Max/MSP)

14. Quadcopter AR_drone – Fly a quadcopter using Max – with streaming Web video. ( node.js, AR_drone, Google Chrome, Osc, Max/MSP)

15. Adding markers to Google Maps in Max – ( node.js, ruby, Google Chrome, Osc, Max/MSP, websockets, Google Maps API, Jquery, javascript)

16. Max data recorder –  Record and play back streams of data simultaneously at various rates


17. Web Audio version of Google domain ping machine –  The sound of an even newer machine using Web Audio API, web sockets. Max, Ruby, Osc, Google API, and Mashape

Note: This project is not in internet-sensors. You will find it on github in the tkzic/WebAudio project:



16. MBTA bus data in Max –  Sonification of Mass Ave buses, from Harvard to Dudley

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.26.16 PM