Month: June 2014

Genetic programming

A genetic algorithm (GA) is a search heuristic that mimics the process of natural selection.

Tutorial by Jaime J. Fernandez


interface.js server

Midi and Osc Server for web apps in node.js

By Charlie Roberts

Local clone: /tkzic/interface.js



gibberface web audio

interface.js user interface plus gibberish.js audio engine.

By Charlie Roberts

Audio example of XY controller to contol pitch and pulsewidth of oscillators (pictured above).

Local clone: tkzic/gibberface – WIth a local web server running in tkzic. Here is a typical URL for testing:

5 Web Audio Libraries

By Louis Lazaris at Sitepoint

  1. webaudioox.js : experimental
  2. howler.js : audio playback and sprites
  3. pedalboard.js : guitar pedal simulation
  4. wad : build synthesizers
  5. fifer : audio playback

Audio DSP pages

By Stephan M. Sprenger


Particle system based granular synthesis

By Tadej Droljc

Sonographic sound processing in Max

Converting sound into pictures and back into sound.

By Tadej Droljc

Dissertation and Max patches: 

Article at Designing Sound:


Testing JSFiddle web audio

A web audio example by Gaëtan Renaudeau, in jsfiddle. Click ‘result’ to play.


Automobile airplane engine in Max

An update of the automax project

This is a Max patch that generates engine sounds (car, airplane, and spaceship) by reading RPM data from a bluetooth OBD-II sensor in an automobile. It uses Max adaptations of Pd patches by Andy Farnell from “Designing Sound”. And a Fourier filter patch (spaceship) by Katja Vetter.

In this audio clip, an airplane engine sound is mixed with a car engine sound.


The Max patch has been updated to detect available bluetooth devices. The audio example above was done with this device (Bluetooth Supper Mini OBD 2/OBD II ELM 327 Power 2)

But any Elm 327 device should work, as long as it will connect with your  computer.

The device pictured above needs to be deleted and re-paired each time you use it (code: 1234). I would recommend looking for something else.



Main patch


Abstractions and other files
  • engine-overtone.maxpat
  • fourierfilter.maxpat
  • hextoint.maxpat
  • vz.nanoctrlr-tz.maxpat
  • max-pd-abstractions folder (needs to be in Max file path or a subdirectory)


Follow the sequence of events as directed in the patch. Starting by selecting your device from the menu in the upper left corner. If there is a problem with the serial connection you will get “read 0” messages – or an error in the Max window.

Set the polling rate as slow as possible (700 ms.) and then work backwards.

The Korg NanoKontroller works with this patch too.

WordPress web audio test

Javascript code for a sine wave oscillator using the web audio API – embedded in this post.

This also works in mobile Safari in iOS 7. If the “stop” button doesn’t work, try reloading the page in the browser.”

Warning: The WordPress visual editor will break this code.