Month: December 2012

Arduino motor shield without stacking;wap2

see post at bottom of thread about SPI;wap2



Motor Driver 2A Dual L298 H-Bridge

An alternative to the Arduino Motor Shield



motor current sensing

Digital signal processing and filtering


Census dotmap

A dot for every person in the United States

By Brandon Martin-Anderson

(The map appears to be broken as of 6/2014)

Subway Apps

By Ted Mann at the Wall Street Journal


Circuit bending ideas

By ne7 of Napalm, Rebels, Scoopex and Triad at Zine Behind the Scene


Sim cards

This company specializes in m2m (machine to machine) communication.

Also, can send and receive SMS messages from web apps.



More upconverters

Two sources for HF to VHF upconverters for SDR experiments.

At Reddit /r/RTLSDR

Remote SDR using Raspberry Pi & RTL_TCP

By Peter Goodhall

AR.Drone RC mod

 Extends flight range to 1.5 – 2.5 kilometers

By Albert at Dronehacks