Month: November 2012

Max UBC toolbox

The UBCToolbox consists of a collection of modules which are encapsulated in bpatcher objects.

By Keith Hamel & Bob Pritchard at MuSET

Max night school

Syllabus and links to artists.



CNMAT list of gesture controllers



fingerpinger: multitouch trackpad sensor for macbook Max/msp

Accurate tracking of up to 10 fingers using the Macbook trackpad

By Michael and Max Egger?  Makes the track pad on a Mac work like a touch screen. Also check out the that you can download from the link above.


The Birth Of the Synthetic Voice

By Jean-Marc Pelletier

Video analysis in Max

By Andrew Benson at Cycling 74


SQLite in Max

A hidden feature, using the js object.

A tutorial by Andrew Benson and Tim Place at Cycling 74


Advanced Max sound and data processing.


Causes load errors in Max 6.1.x



Max: check if record exists in [coll]

I used this logic in a data recorder, for the Irish train tracking program.

by Chris Muir

Random drawing

How to draw multi colored lines and points.

Max tutorial 10 by Cycling 74