Month: October 2012

Arduino field strength meter with colored lights

I’m not sure what this idea is, but it would translate radio wave field strength into light, musical notes, bar graphs, mechanical stuff, etc.,



Theatre is Evil

By Amanda Palmer

digital inspiration

“How to” guides


Google speech API

Chrome now includes online speech recognition


Yahoo stock quote API

update 6/2014 – See the Stock Market project at

original post

By Mukesh Chapagain

Max weather report

By Michael Zbyszynski at CNMAT

I have annotated a version of Weather Report to help understand how XML data is converted into OSC style data, for example:

<thing> value </thing>

gets converted into

/thing value

Local version of patch is weather_report in max teaching examples


Max auto-tweeting text-to-speech-to-text

By Aaron Oppenheim


Twitter4j in Processing

By Jer Thorp

Local files: Processing sketchbook:  jerTwitterExample.pde

Basically it shows how to use the twitter4j library to grab all the tweets with a given hashtag

Here’s the twitter4j documentation:




JSON in Processing

How to mash a buildup.

at The Processing Forum

Using multiple Midi channels per track with Max for Live


Apparently there is a limitation on sending more than one Midi channel from a track

This presents an issue for receiving osc and splitting it to various instruments…

(update) What I’ve been trying to do is set up a generalized way to trigger midi from web data. Currently getting the web data via processing, sending OSC messages to max for live (or max).

Once the OSC gets to m4l, I use an m4l device in a track which receives all the osc messages then sends them off on new upd ports using [updsend] – for example a separate port for what would normally be a separate midi channel.

Then I have another m4l receiver which you can set the appropriate port number to get the channelized data stream and scale it to midi notes.

[edit – need link to sample live set]

update – the “internet sensors” project shows some easier ways to do the translation of internet API to OSC”