Month: August 2012

Ableton Live multi-track looper


Have started updating the saxophone looper program to work with launchpad and a keyboard.

Ideally the keyboard would record MIDI so that you could use it for any kind of built in instrument. With this first pass I’ve set it up to record audio – so at any time you can either play the keys, or play into the mic.

Also have thrown in some new drum kits.

Have kept footpedal assignments the same for now, just so I can go back to the original setups without reprogramming.

It looks like the cue output was originally assigned to 3/4 so we could route the drums out separately. Need to work on making this happen.


  • route drums to 3/4
  • setup launchpad
  • setup effects processing (to use with launchpad)

Looper wiring diagram and Notes


Briefcase Syndrome Of Creativity

 By D. W. MacKinnon from “Genius and Eminence”

“One of the most striking observations we have made is that the creative person seldom fits the layman’s stereotype of him. In out experience he is not the emotionally unstable, sloppy, loose-jointed Bohemian. More often it is the unoriginal and uncreative person who appears to be artistic, clever, emotional, whereas we discover ourselves using such adjectives as deliberate, reserved, industrious, and thorough to describe truly original and creative persons. Among ourselves we have jokingly described this cluster of traits characteristic of the creative person as “the briefcase syndrome of creativity” — closer, if you will, to the notion of professional responsibility than to the Greenwich Village Bohemian or to the North Beach Beatnik.

The truly creative individual has an image of himself as a responsible person with a sense of destiny about himself as a human being. This includes a degree of resoluteness and almost inevitably a measure of egotism. But over and above these there is a belief in the foregone certainty of the wroth and validity of one’s creative efforts. This is not to say that our creative subjects have been spared periods of frustration and depression when blocked in their creative striving, but only that overriding these moods has been an unquestioning commitment to their creative endeavor.”