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iPhone music apps

By Jordan Rudess and Uri Nieto

Here’s a list of some of Jordan’s favorite music apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

JR Hexatone ($9.99) from – The first-ever music creation application that bares Jordan’s name, in where he was directly involved in the product’s development. Jordan states, “JR Hexatone specializes in sound sequences that are perfect for the Drum-n-Bass, Glitch, Techno, and electronic scene. For hard rock and heavy metal beats to jam to, I like a program called Thump.” ($3.99) from

4 Track ($9.99) for the iPhone and StudioTrack ($39.99) for iPad from — Trey Anastasio of Phish stated in Rolling Stone Magazine, “I’m obsessed with this FourTrack recording app — a super powerful studio in your pocket. I can record basically anywhere.”

Looptastic (FREE to $14.99) from – Jordan states, “This suite of Apps allows you to mix together a variety of cool loops and loop sets without a lot of effort, and add wide array of cutting edge effects, some of which I helped them create. It’s the best way to get a lot of cool sounds and loops happening quickly from a very user-friendly, easy and fun environment.”

Music Studio ($14.99) from — Jordan states, “Music Studio is a very powerful and serious App that is almost like having Apple’s Garage Band on your iPhone. For anybody who’s traveling, this is the most serious, must-have, all-in-one music App.”

Guitar: Play and Share: ($3.99) and iShred ($4.99) from – “And not to leave out guitarists,” Jordan says, “there are a lot of guitar Apps, but these two are so easy, fun and clear that will have you up and running quickly, and the sampled guitar sounds are excellent.”

Download info for Apps demonstrated in the accompanying video:

Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Wizdom from, at only $9.99.

Bebot from, now only $1.99.

ThumbJam, which Jordan calls, “A Total Joy,” from at only $6.99.

Trope and Bloom from at $3.99 each.

Ocarina from at $.99.

Pianist Pro from at $9.99.

Instant Drummer from at $2.99.

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How to set up wireless ad hoc network on Mac OS

right-click the wi-fi signal icon in the status bar and select ‘create network’

This is useful if you are trying to run a project which requires WiFi – like touchOSC – and you are on a restricted network – at a school for example. You make your own network which is separate from the Internet.