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Data science skills network

…The skills people with the title “Data Scientist” have listed on their LinkedIn profiles… aggregated by occurrence.

By Ferris Jumah at


The Economics of Seinfeld

By Linda Ghent, Alan Grant and George Lesica

American Radio History

Scanned PDF files of classic electronics magazines.

  • Popular Electronics
  • Electronics Illustrated
  • Electronics World
  • Radio Electronics
  • Elementary Electronics
  • Radio TV Experimenter
  • Byte
  • Radio News
  • Radio Craft


4 million songs on Spotify have never been played.

(requires Spotify account)

Interval signals online

“Interval signals, signature tunes, airchecks and identification announcementsfrom international, domestic and clandestine radio stations around the world.”

By David Kernick, in cooperation with Documentary Archives Radio Communications

Radio Burkina:

Azerbaijan Radio – Radio Respublika:

Throwing a pizza into a microwave

From across the street.

By hansenyue at Youtube

Analog computers

John Whitney in “Computers: Challenging Man’s Supremacy”.

Whitney music box

A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book “digital harmony”

by Jim Bumgardner

Digital Harmony:

Histograms of Chopin etudes

How often do the keys get pressed?

By joeycloud at Reddit

Keith McMillen

Interview by Darwin Grosse at Art + Music + Technology