Author: Tom Zicarelli


“Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly music programming language.”

At Princeton


“Lecture by Ge Wang for the Stanford University Human-Computer
Interaction Seminar (CS 547). In the first part of this talk, Ge
presents the design, philosophy, and development of ChucK, a computer
music programming language intending to provide a different approach,
expressiveness, and thinking with respect to time and parallelism in
audio programming – as well as a platform for precise and rapid
experimentation. In the second part of this presentation, Ge describes
his adventures with the “laptop orchestra”: a new type of large-scale,
computer-mediated music ensemble.”

from this lecture, look up PLORK, audicle, chuck chuck rocket, gamelon, spherical speakers, dan trueman

Also here is an app to do live coding:

Thanks to JosephZ for researching these topics.



Dedicated to experimental electronic and electro acoustic music.


Twitter and Processing

By Jer Thorp

The fail whale

By by Yiying Lu at Twitter

The weight of data

Data as a human concept.

By Jer Throrp

Data visualization with Processing:

By The New York Times R&D Lab


turn classroom into an interactive media project

Project examples can be set up all over the classroom. So you can demonstrate any concept at any time. For example, garduino plants, sensors, circuit bent toys, window alarms, light sensors, new musical instruments, etc.,

Actually why not do this with the entire school?



By Luke Iseman at Make


Making Things Talk

How to connect physical objects, software, and electronics.

 by Tom Igoe